Hiking Trail in the Red Glade

Weg ins Rote Luch


Between the Barnim upland and the Lebuser plateau lays the Red Glade, the largest fen in east Brandenburg. It stretches over eleven kilometers until it reaches the ancient Spree river valley. At this point, the Stöbber stream begins and flows out in two opposite directions. This phenomenon is caused by the drainage divide between the Baltic Sea and North Sea, which is located roughly where the fen is crossed by the railroad embankment. The first stream flows through the Märkische Schweiz into the Oder and with it to the Baltic Sea while the second flows via the Spree and the Elbe into the North Sea.


Weg ins Rote Luch


The Red Glade area is designated as a “Fauna-Flora-Habitat-Area” and is part of the Märkische Schweiz European bird sanctuary. The hollow, with its diversity, is home to a large number of endangered plant and animal species. 



Rehfelde Main Station


Werder – Sophienfelde – Rotes Luch – Bundesstraße B1 – Zinndorf – Werder

17 kilometers
3 to 4 hours

Trail Marker

Ret Dot
Difficulty Level
Forest and field paths, footpaths in villages


Attractions along the way
  • Churches in Werder and Zinndorf
  • Meadow and pasture areas